He has got thin, hazel colored (grey on manga) vision with cat-such people which make your arrive sneaky and you will overwhelming

He has got thin, hazel colored (grey on manga) vision with cat-such people which make your arrive sneaky and you will overwhelming


Kuroo is actually listed as extreme and slim which have greater shoulders, well-founded palms, and you can an effective muscle physique. Their black colored hair is however dirty and you will spikes upwards due to their bed-head. The guy likewise has an edge on the his right side one to partly talks about their vision. Down to their odd hair style, they are from time to time entitled “Rooster Lead”.

Kuroo can be viewed dressed in a black shirt, purple sweatpants, and the Nekoma Large coat. Throughout the official fits, the guy wears the new Nekoma uniform numbered toward first.


Kuroo possess a laid-right back yet , scheming personality that’s considered good “provocation professional” by many [1] . He’d definitely trigger anyone else that is unrelenting whenever dishing away snide opinions. This can be exhibited in the manner he angers Tsukishima if first-seasons blocker handled a beneficial nonchalant feelings on volleyball during the summer degree go camping. Yet not, Kuroo are kinder and a lot more genuine than what their outside image delivers. Immediately after recognizing he has got overstepped a line, Kuroo tries out and you will apologizes to help you Daichi concerning provocation. Afterwards, proving one to as he are an excellent “provocation pro,” sportsmanship is still crucial that you him [1] . The guy together with cares and you can areas their older coach, Yasufumi Nekomata, tremendously, enough to help Karasuno boost to meet up Nekomata’s dream about contending against each other at nationals possible.

Based on Kenma, Kuroo was a shy and you may taken man just who earliest gone to the their people as he try seven yrs . old [2] . He had been silent in front of visitors and you can shameful doing Kenma in the beginning, regardless of the a few getting close-in years. Both fused more than video games and in the end skilled volleyball along with her. Slow, Kuroo started to leave their shell once the one or two had all the more mixed up in athletics. He turned into a significantly higher and you will active person, produced the new family at school, and you can been meeting to tackle soccer to the other infants.

Kuroo is also proven to be a highly attentive and you may user-friendly person when it comes to each other volleyball and individuals. Even as a kid, he was very conscious of Kenma’s silent, taken identity, and had the sense never to drag him over to manage things brand new child did not have any fun into the creating [2] . From inside the fits, his mindful character since the a middle blocker proves to Middle Eastern Sites dating apps be most deadly to have Nekoma’s competitors. He quickly tunes off and you may assesses the flow of one’s spikers, making it possible for him to put up a successful cut-off and damage the fresh momentum of the opposing party.

Doing his teammates, Kuroo is a professional, strong head, will accountable for training this new morale of one’s people after they are feeling down having fun with sly quips. The guy generally seems to obtain excitement from against strong opponents and you may covers their fury with clear smirks and you will boisterous feedback, whilst scheming techniques to break apart the opposite people.

Even after seeming sneaky and you can chill on the outside, Kuroo and also an unusual side that is into the monitor when he straps call at noisy ridiculous laughs and you can partcipates in frivolous discussion that have Bokuto [3] . Kuroo and generally seems to both discover himself much more out of an enthusiastic old man otherwise individuals merely per year or several younger than just your just like the people, because shown when he proclaims “Ah, youth” immediately following enjoying Inuoka and you may Hinata and you can speaking to Tsukishima [4] .


Around 8 yrs . old, Kuroo went nearby so you can Kenma with his family, and this consisted of their dad and grand-parents. And when he had been left by yourself, he would visit Kenma’s home rather. He had been detailed as shyer and taken than Kenma, and so the one or two had trouble observing for every single almost every other [2] .

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